Sawadee krap, yindii ti dai rou jak


Welcome to our site,

 we invite you to discover a selection of traditional, physical relaxations and plantar reflexology.

Our work consists, to reactivate an energy traffic(circulation) which afterward, will prevent, the arrival of pathologies or the accumulation of stress. It is by acupressures on precise points, associated with a work of muscular relaxation, that we are going to free(release) the energy which tends to remain blocked. You so find, vitality, well-being.


I received the education and the diplomas of the school of Watpo, Thai medical school traditional, in quoted by the Buddhist temple of Bangkok, or is kept the art of the Thai traditional massage. It is the first school of massage and traditional medicine in Thailand under the control of the ministry of Education.

We move at home, in your hotel, on your yacht.