Nuad kīḷā

Sport massage

It is the rather tonic massage which addresses the particular needs for the sportsman or for every person physically active. Several techniques are used: friction with an essential oil, contacts and collided, pressures with forearm, thumbs, elbows and fists, it acts strongly and directly on muscles and on blood circulation.. It is little as the heating, this massage allows to prepare the body before a physical effort.

It is necessary to know that the amateurs can also benefit from it because in spite of the beneficial effects of the sport, certain sports movements executed wildly can damage the health. He is necessary to consume some water after the effort as well as after the massage.

This sports massage is thus at the same time preventive and curative because he allows to avoid the strains during the physical effort, he allows to avoid quickly the pains due to the cramps and the tensions which they can cause.

Duration: 60 min

Technique: pressures with elbows and forearm, effleurages, frictions.

Holding: under clothes.

Product: essential Oil.

Place: on the futon.