Nuad thao

Foot massage

Simply a fantastic action on the drainage of the body. By pressures at the level of the arch of the foot and the smoothings with thumbs and palms till the bottom(stocking) of the leg. We use a wooden stick to make pressures on precise points of the sole of the foot. This massage allows to re-revitalize by rebalancing the positive energies of the body.

The reflexology assures a real source of well-being, bring a state of profound relaxation, it eliminates the stress, the tensions, assures the relaxation, the muscular and mental looseness. In China we say that when we affect feet, we touch the soul. A precious help to the well-being. The spirit and the body are again in harmony.


Duration: 60 min

Technique: pressures slid on the sole of the foot, around the ankle, the shin and the calf.

Holding: dressed, barefoot.

Product: cream in oil in the camphor and in the menthol.

Place: on table of massage, armchair.