Nuad bo' rarn is a traditional massage of the North of the Thailand. An old ancestral practice of more than 2500 years. The Thai traditional medicine takes its roots for the period preceding Shukothai during the reign of king Chaiworama VII ( 1182-1186 ) which made build two hospitals in the northeast of the Thailand.

But the historic and legendary creator of the Thai medicine is Dr Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, known under the name of Shivago Komarpaj in Thailand.

He was born in India in the time of Sakyamuni. It was the personal doctor of Buddha, as well as that of the monks.

His reputation spread through the South Asia, in the Tibet, in China, in India and in the Thailand.


This doctor was an exceptional being in the service of others. He possessed a big knowledge in acupuncture, in herbalist's shop, and could diagnose a pathology and find the adequate remedy.
This big art is kept to Watpo, Thai medical school traditional, school situated just next to the magnificent temple of Watpo, very known by the immense slept Buddha covered with gold which is 45 meters long on 15 meters high and the plants of feet of which are overlaid with 108 symbols in mother-of-pearl. The temple which shelters him is the oldest of Bangkok because it was built in 16 ° century while Ayutaya was still the capital of the Siam.



The benefactions of the Thai massages

- Often effective in the relief of headaches.
- Stimulate the capacity of automobile cure of the body and the immune systems.
- Participate in the elimination of accumulated toxin.
- Stimulate the nervous system, the traffic(circulation)

- energetics, blood and lymphatic.
- Regulation of the digestive system by the abdominal work.
- Reduced the pain and the tension of muscles by softening them.
- Help to the relaxation by calming the mental excitement.
- Optimize the vital capacities and helps to find a good sleep.

For the sportsmen, the Thai massage establishes a relevant interview and allows a good recovery by decreasing the aches.

Good complement in the artistic disciplines, the yoga and the meditation and the help to the preservation of the postures.