Nuad nam man


This massage relaxing in neutral or aromatic oil is practised on the whole body and the face. Comfortably lengthened in a little room, he consists of fluid and harmonious movements, accompanied with light pressures, this nuad combines highly-rated relaxing and the therapeutic properties of natural oil, it calms the stress of the everyday life and gets an intense sensation of well-being. It is recognized for his positive effects on the physical and mental health: by relaxing the muscle structure, he improves the traffic(circulation) of liquids and consequently the elimination of toxin, energy traffic(circulation). The scents of oil calm the spirit, and return all the flexibility to the skin. The body is rebalanced.

To protect the intimacy of each, the body is covered with a linen, and only the massed parts are discovered: shoulders, nape of the neck, back, hands, arms, legs, feet, stomach, head.

Duration: 60 min 90 min

Technique: slid Pressures, effleurages, long harmonious movements..

Holding: under clothes.

Product: essential Oil Thai.

Place: on the futon.